Reviews About Aces Connections Consultancy Inc
We are very glad and grateful that we had our sponsorship application with Daphne/ACES. She never failed in giving us updates and she always make sure everything is perfect. She always gets back to us as soon as possible. It was worth an experience working with Daphne! We felt friendship and good company with ACES. With ACES our family will be complete and happy. We are proud to be one of her clients and we would definitely recommend her and ACES. More power to you and your office and GOD bless! - Nathan & Kristine

It’s been great to have you guys to answer questions and things. We would have felt so lost doing this all on our own. Thank you! - Paul and Carla

I’m very thankful to Aces for their support and patience every I called and follow up my application. I salute for their efficiency! Now I’m happily a permanent resident in Canada – one of the coldest places in the world! Thank you Aces for helping and making my dreams come true. - Selfa

I am pleased for all your help Aces! Especially to you Ms. D, you were extremely helpful from our first telephonic conversation through completion. You made my dreams come true! Super duper thank you Aces…May our Lord bless you guys always!! - Percy

I had been engaging with other Immigration agencies, just to migrate out of the Philippines, but to no avail, just previously had taken IELTS for four times, although, had a passing mark, for New Zealand, but still, I remained in the Philippines.

By chance, I was introduced to Aces, but can’t believe it! Here, I am now in Canada, through the Live-In Caregiver Program.
Until today, Aces never abandon me, in Consultancy, specially in the processing of my immigration papers, to bring my family in Canada.

Thank you very much, for your support, and now, presently am waiting for the approval, of me and my family’s permanent residency, in Canada. - Roy